Over the years, our family members have built homes and other facilities as practical and functional as they were at the time.

Grandfather built houses and other wooden objects. Father had acquired carpentry skills from his grandfather but he did most of the brick houses, while Ciesielski’s knowledge was used to construct roofs on buildings, stables and other objects.

In Poland for several years began to return to the wooden houses but not made as before from logs and filled with clay but in skeletal structures filled with mineral wool with wooden or polystyrene facades with thin-layer plasters.

The youngest of the family, whose father and grandfather taught carpentry and brick masonry, has managed his own company, K.B. DELTAX. First he only made brick houses, and since the last eight years has also made skeleton / wooden houses trying their best to perfect this technique.

Our company, in order to meet the expectations of customers through the experience gained in the construction of different houses in different technologies, has decided to introduce to the range of their services the construction of passive houses.